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This wiki page will tell you all about those cool (or annoying) singing deer on plaques. Love him or hate him. Buck The Singing Deer is the one that sings 6 songs and some historical phrases. There are many types of singing deer: bucks, stags, jackalopes, mooses, dinosaurs, cows, turkeys, ducks, and bears. THIS PAGE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION!  MORE ACCESABLE DEER COMING SOON as of 12/27/2016. Edit

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Original Singing Deer by Gemmy Industries Corp. : Edit

Buck The Singing Deer

Mini Buck

Mini Buck (Country Boy Can Survive version)

Mini Buck Christmas Edition

Mini Griz The Singing Bear

Mini Duck Dynasty Loud Mouth Mallard

Buddy Buck

Jake The Singing Jackalope

Lucky Tom The Talking Turkey

Mini Buck Christmas Edition (2015 only sold in Canada)

Buck The Singing Deer Christmas Tree Ornament (2015)

Other Singing Deer: Edit

Donny The Singing Deer

Donny The Singing Deer (rare round plaque version)

Donny The Singing Deer Christmas Edition

Jonathan Deer The III

Jonathan Deer The III Christmas Edition

Tessy The Singing Cow

Rudolf Deer

Singing Deer (similar to Rudolf Deer)

Jagermeister Singing Deer

Harry Hirsch (similar to Donny The Singing Deer)

Ferocity Dinosaur

Morris The Singing Moose

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